Fruits of technology??



A few years back when the mobile phone was a new and exciting gadget to own, someone asked me….”Have you tried out the new Blackberry“. I replied back “Why would I want to try a blackberry?’ It definitely was not one of my favourite fruits and I definitely did not relish the taste! It must have been somewhat of an expression on my face as she put her hands up in resignation like I was the biggest moron on the planet! This came from my cousin who was a technology nerd and used to follow-up on the latest gadgets and inventions.

It was only after a long pause and a very perplexed expression that she realised I did not know what she was talking about! She reached into her bag and was rummaging around inside for something. I thought she was going to pull out this bag of crushed blackberries and offer it to me. Instead she pulled out this sleek looking contraption which looked like a mini computer all rolled into one. Finally it dawned on me that what she was referring too was the latest technology in mobile phones and services! I must have looked like a complete dork and probably lived under a coconut shell for all she knew! This is not the first time either. Years ago it was the computer. There was all this hype about a new type of PC as I used to and still do call it….yes, you guessed it! The Apple computer. To me a computer is a computer, regardless of the platform or operating system. I however do have to admit that the name stuck in my mind right up till now! Every time I think of a computer, I tend to recall the Apple first, followed by several others.

Could it be that we relate better to food though it has nothing to do with technology? I mean, we are talking technology here, definitely nothing to do with the supermarket! It makes me wonder how on earth the creators of the products link technology to food as they did, it is not something we can eat but yet the impact of the name and branding has left an impression in our minds that whenever we see an apple we think of a computer! I am just wondering if they would invent some other new technology or product and maybe name it Banana or something like that!

For a person like me, who is not tech savvy, would have a really confusing time wondering what someone is referring to the next time they ask me about a fruit! It happened again when a salesperson did ask me “Have you tried the new Acai Berry?” Smartly I answered, “Oh you mean the new phone?” …not only did I get a weird look on his face but also a loud round of laughter!

I give up!! This time it was a fruit juice! Next time someone asks me if I have tried or seen any fruit, I am going to keep my mouth shut and my expressions to myself! So much for the fruits of technology!


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