Lessons from a lemon

Lessons from a lemon

Mention the word Lemons and our face starts to pucker up as our senses recall the image and taste of a sour lemon! We only remember the lowly lemon as a fruit or juice for our drinks or cooking.

What do we see when we look at a lemon? A bright yellow and sour fruit that would be the last item on our shopping list unless we have a specific need for it. The next time you buy a lemon, take a closer look at it.

The lemon is a delightful yellow, it has a citrus fragrant that awakens the senses, the skin has a bitter taste but yet enhances the flavour, sliced and the segments make great food décor and the juice, fabulous lemonade.

Sometimes we compare the lemon to our lives on incidences or friendships that have soured. However if we were to look deeper, we can see that all is not that sour in a lemon and therefore the metaphor that “ sour as a lemon” is just as it is…a metaphor.

The lemon, much like our lives, starts off as a seed into a tree that bears fruit. We are much like a lemon. We start our lives as a fertilized egg, into an infant and finally into an adult. Our lives are as segmented as that of a lemon as well.

A lemon varies from sour to bitter, much like some of the aspects in our lives. Some of us acquire a taste for sourness and bitterness, yet others take it as a phase in life. Much like the lemon, the flavour is the same but it does not mean that we cannot change the flavour.  We can add sugar and sweeteners to make great tasting lemonade, or we can use the lemon to enhance the flavour of certain food and dishes. This is much like our lives, we have the choice to sweeten the sourness by making changes or we can use it to better enhance the situations and attitudes in our lives and therefore bring about changes toward a better life.

Like the lemon, our lives are as varied in its’ use and experiences. What may look as stoic as a lemon on the outside can be as beautiful as the lemon on the inside. The next time we look at a lemon or compare our lives to one, look deeper and think again! There is much we can learn from this bright wonderful fruit! So the next time someone gives you a bucket of lemons, don’t just think to make lemonade!


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