The Art of Online Shopping in Thailand

The internet and use of social sites is one of the most popular pastimes of the Thai younger generation. It is a common sight in Thailand for people to be seen starring absolutely focused onto their hand phones and tablets wherever they go, be it on a train, bus, in the car, and even while walking or in a group with friends.

Therefore it is no wonder that the internet and now with the current 4G facilities has made living on the internet more popular than ever in every city in Thailand. Social sites offer more than just news and gossips or even posts from friends. It has gained fast popularity as a market place for the shopping savvy offering anything from groceries to services at the touch of your finger tips in the comfort of where you might be and the use of a debit or credit card.

Shopping online is one of the most popular ways for the young Thai generation, garnering a whopping piece of the shopping trends in the country. Several big online shopping companies likeZALORA and Lazada offer updated fashionable shopping with a quick delivery turnover and refundable policies that is not often found in stores proper. This makes it even more appealing for would be shoppers to consider buying online without all the hassles of going from shop to shop, queuing up at payment counters and getting into traffic to pick up an item.

Periodic sales such as the 12.12 Online Fever by ZALORA are offered by these online shopping giants to appease the demand for better priced goods. Most of the items offered are also a lot cheaper than if you were to purchase it from an actual shopping center or outlet as online shopping does not require expensive retail rentals thus passing on the savings to the customer.

So the next time you are thinking of looking for that favorite shirt, watch, shoe or even household items and groceries, do a quick check online of your favorite online shop and you will probably find it albeit all the hassles and extra costs! Happy online shopping in Thailand!


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