Flight experience Bangkok

Learning to fly at flight experience Bangkok

While most of us can only dream of flying a plane let alone a massive Boeing 737 would be the ultimate experience. It is beyond the reach of us mere people who either cannot afford the flying lessons or are having near perfect sight issues. Well, this impossible dream can now be a reality for many who have always dreamed of being in the pilot’s seat and flying high at the helm of a flight control with almost all the glamour of a pilot complete with a pilot’s flight uniform!


Welcome to the Ultimate Big Boy’s Dream at Flight Experience Bangkok right here in Thailand. Now you can learn to fly almost for real in the cockpit of a licensed Boeing 737 to any airport destination around the world. This is the most authentic flight simulation which is sometimes used to introduce flying to would-be-pilots. The simulator boasts a 99% resemblance to an actual flight cockpit with working instruments, actual flight sounds and visuals.

Flight Experience Bangkok
Flight Experience Bangkok

At a small fraction of the pre-flight training costs for actual pilots, you get to go through the introduction course to instrument reading, setting of a course co-ordinates, learning the controls and how the plane reacts prior to sitting in the pilot seat for a test flight. Almost an hour of pure fun flying experience with a registered pilot by your side. The flight route takes you for a round of the closest monumental sights before returning for landing at the airport.

flight Experience Bangkok
flight Experience Bangkok

The actual flying time is approximately 20 to 30 minutes with pre-flight checks, take-off, a fly-by route and landing. At the end of it all, you get to take pictures in a pilot’s uniform in the cockpit and if you have a companion, you can video your flight experience for memories. The Flight Experience Bangkok is located in the central area of Bangkok with a new outlet to open soon at Ekkamai Gateway which is located at the Ekkamai BTS station for convenience. There are also genuine Boeing items for sale there including baseball caps, shirts, flight suits, pilot pins and more for those who are into collectibles.

Flight Experience Bangkok
Flight Experience Bangkok

So if your dream is to fly, give Flight Experience Bangkok a try. It is one of the greatest learning experiences worth the money and only comes along once in a life time. Watch the flight session in the link below!

Boeing 737 Bangkok Flight Experience flying session video


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