The Amazing Journey TATNewsroom Blogger Contest 2016


It has been an incredible journey in the first TATNewsroom Blogger competition organized by Tourism Authority Thailand and the TATNewsroom team. This much awaited competition attracted more than 200 entries in total from bloggers and photo-bloggers across the world to compete. After two months of voting by fans and followers in a heated head-to-head competition, the winners were announced in mid-August and plans were underway to bring the winners in for a very exclusive familiarization trip from Bangkok to the Northern provinces of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.

It was a very anxious two months as voting were underway and watching the scores was a daily affair to see how well or how badly my story was received as I coaxed and begged my friends, readers and even group members to please vote for me! Entering a competition can be so stressful but victory can also be so sweet in the end! It was a nerve-wrecking time and if I was biting fingernails, they would have been totally worn off.

I submitted my favorite story about Thailand that I love very much which was the puppet arts and chose the Joe Louis Puppet Theater as the subject of my story. You know how it is as writers we sometimes never think our stories are good enough or funny enough …. doubt reigns all the time! The last few days were the worse! Have you ever gotten the feeling that “Oh no, maybe the other competitor will pull a rabbit out of the hat and you won’t get a chance to win” kind of a feeling? Well, so it was for me and I am sure the others as we waited and watched, watch and waited. (I am sure the organizers were just as intent on watching the results *wink)

Finally, on the last day, just like that it was over! Two months of agony, sleepless nights and anxiety …it was over and with most unexpected results! Not only was the story a win, it was also the most popular with the most votes! Off course all credit goes to my fans and supporters without whom this win would not have been possible but it was a great feeling to be on the top of the rat race. Now we waited for the official announcement and the much coveted prize of an all inclusive trip to experience the wonders of Thailand along with my fellow winners from as far away as Russia, France, India, Philippines and Singapore as well as the much awaited opportunity to meet the organizers of the competition.

Therefore the following blogs will be dedicated to the adventure of an Amazing Thailand trip with wonderful stories and experiences to share with all of you! Thank you everyone for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this great and incredible adventure!

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