Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

Day 2 – Evening activity with the TATNewsroom Bloggers

So, what has the beautiful scenic Singha Park in Chiang Rai got to do with a Russian cultural exchange you may ask? Wherever the TATNewsroom Bloggers go, you can expect the unusual!

After the stopover at Baan Dam and a lesson on the darker side of art with a taste for the morbid, the following trip to Singha Park was a striking contrast not just in scenery but also activities and a lesson in sustainable tourism. The sun was getting low for the day so it was nice, not too hot or humid and because of the wide expanse of land, a cool breeze is always blowing.

Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

We were greeted with so much green it was unbelievable and the whole scene could easily have fit into one of those paintings by legendary artists such as Van Gogh or Rembrandt. Fields of flowers, green pastures, matured trees swaying in the wind and rows of tea bushes decorate the landscape.

Boasting 3,000 acres and more of free open space and agriculture land, there is nothing quite like exploring this wonderful place on a bicycle trail or take their tram to sight see around the property and farm. By the way, Singha Park is owned by the Boonrawd Farm Co. which also is the brewers of Thailand’s famous Singha Beer and one of three brothers who also own the famous PB Valley brand of estate and winery.

Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

The team of TATNewsroom Bloggers with our hosts from TATNewsroom and Sirima Eamtako with her team from The Amiris was bound for a great time at the park. In one location at the park there was a building standing tall right in the middle of nowhere. This was the extreme sport section where the bravest among us were itching to try the zip lining experience!

Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

Oh, and the best part is you do not need to walk up flights of stairs to get to the top and experience this, there is actually a lift inside the building to bring you to the top so that means you can do it again and again, for a fee of course! The eager group who were not afraid of heights were sent to suit up with helmets and harness plus a briefing on safety and how to hold on to the handholds on the harness.

Looking down from the top and me looking up from the bottom, it seemed like so much fun! The experience was remarkable as whoops of laughter and screams could be heard as two by two, the team zipped down at speeds envious of a flying experience to reach the end almost a kilometer away!

At the same stop for zip lining, you can also rent mountain bikes to ride on the tracks around the park and enjoy the workout and scenes unfolding before you which includes farms and tea plantations. For those who are fanatical about heights and more extreme sports, there is a 9 floor climbing wall for you to test your endurance and climbing skills.

Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

Next we made our way to the iconic golden statue of the Singha legacy, the Gold Singha Lion which was gleaming in the evening rays of the setting sun. Sitting regally on a soft green mound of manicured grass, it seemed to be the guardian of the estate keeping its watchful eyes over its domain. This spectacular statue is the icon of the Boonrawd legacy for Singha Park and makes a magnificent photo shot. The team could not resist the fantastic photo opportunity plus the point that it was a great feeling to feel so free and rolling in the fresh grass which for many of us who come from the cities it was a great feeling!

Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

Dinner was at the Bhubhirom Restaurant which was seated at the top of a hill overlooking a marvelous tea plantation. The 360 degree view of the surrounding area was unforgettable and one of the most breathtaking of views. The contemporary designed restaurant is lofty, spacious and with seating indoors and out, offering every diner an opportunity to enjoy the view. We got there just in time to watch a beautiful sunset and the rising of a new moon!

We had a wonderful serving of local Thai dishes that were signature dishes of the restaurant (you can read more about the restaurant in following articles). The food was interesting as we had pork satay with peanut sauce and a pickle, Northern Isaan sausages, Massaman curry and more.

Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

This was our first dinner together as a group after 24 hours of meeting and an opportunity to really get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere. Travel stories were exchanged and a joyous mood was evident coupled with the awesome surroundings. Everything was just perfect, thanks to TAT(Tourism Authority Thailand) and the meticulous planning by TATNewsroom team and Sirima and her team. We were all ensured of a good time with top rate places to visit, hotels to stay in and the best places to eat! Such are the highlights of a travel blogger.

Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

The highlight of our evening dinner was when guest blogger Svetlana Makarevich from Russia, brought with her 10kg of an assortment of must try Russian gourmet food including a whole bottle of famous Russian Vodka! We were to try typical Russian items such as appetizers, snacks, soups, breads and desserts. Without a doubt, the Vodka was most eyeballed as we all knew the reputation of Russian vodka!

Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

Laid before us was a marvelous spread of Russian wonder foods ranging from smoked cheese, mini herrings, Russian borsch soup, snacks and my personal favorite, caviar! Yup, Russian caviar, the most prized item on the menu served with bread and smoked cheese. That was truly heaven on earth! We were asked to describe our thoughts on Russian food and one thing for sure, if it meant I could get my hands on more caviar, Russia would be on my bucket list of travel destinations. Thank you Svetlana for a most remarkable dining experience and the opportunity to learn about your country’s culture! Oh and you can be sure, the Vodka was finished to the last drop too 🙂

Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

Our 1st day in Chiang Rai had not yet ended and we would be off soon to another two places that are great tourist attractions in Chiang Rai and one of them is only on weekends. You can follow more of the TATNewsroo Bloggers travel stories here and soon read more about the places we have visited in detail to experience what we have seen and tried in this fun-filled holiday in Chiang Rai.

Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

Meanwhile, we drink a toast to great travel stories and experiences in Amazing Thailand, lasting friendships and a trip to remember in beautiful Chiang Rai, a “Jewel in  Northern Thailand“!

Singha Park and a Russian cultural exchange

*** All photos courtesy of TATNewsroom

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