Luxury and Women’s Journey Thailand

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”  Coco Chanel

Luxury and Women's Journey Thailand
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True to that quote and to reflect on it, the Tourism Authority of Thailand together with numerous other hospitality, leisure, shopping and culinary partners launched for the first time the Women’s Journey Thailand as both a celebration and recognition of the importance of women in society and the driving force of economies. This tribute to women is in conjunction with the celebration of the Queen of Thailand’s Birthday and will be an annual event in the month of August.

Luxury and Women's Journey Thailand

The event is an encouragement for women around the world to come and experience the beauty, luxury and wonders of Amazing Thailand. Women at this time of the year will be able to enjoy some of the best services on offer at very special prices just made out for them including special shopping privileges at well-known outlets, beautiful spa treatments for them to rejuvenate and stay at some of the most beautiful hotels in Thailand. The event is also to showcase and demonstrate in a positive image that Thailand is not only a safe destination for local and international women travelers but also it is one of South East Asia’s destination for women friendly holiday and business destinations.

In store only for women are also tours and other related services to ensure that Thailand is a safe destination for women travelers with an introduction to the many hidden gems and secrets that makes Thailand one of the most loved destinations for women travelers. The Women’s Journey Thailand in August also showcases activities and workshops that are of interest to women to discover more on the unique and very local Thai experience when they visit Thailand. Such workshops as presented in the event was to tell women that there are many unusual yet local experiences to make your holidays in Thailand a memorable experience and a few such workshops displayed was the making of your own natural ingredient facial scrubs from well-known Spa “Divana” and the art of making Kambucha tea. Actually if you visit Thailand there are a lot more interesting workshops that are also luxury and women friendly that is part of the local Thai experience such as making your own medicinal massage balls and more.

Women are also recognized as a strong and significant decision maker with a more discerning taste, therefore in the hospitality industry. special discounts and services are provided for just such women. These little comfort packages are offered by the luxury hotel like COMO Metropolitan Bangkok which prides itself on comfort, health and rejuvenation which is evident in the way you are treated the moment you step through the door until you check-out. Every little convenience has been thought out by this extreme hotel which includes free sessions of yoga and yoga mats in the room to down feathered pillows that give you the best nights, espresso coffee machines and delightful tea packages to Giorgio Armani robes in this contemporary hotel right in the heart of Bangkok.

Women who find pleasure in luxury traveling would love the ideas of devilish chocolates from the renowned Movenpick line of hotels in Pattaya that provides also the best comfort with sessions of chocolate making in their hotel by the beach. A delightful day at this seaside resort also offers some of the best private cruises by yacht along the Gulf of Thailand to explore exotic islands while enjoying some snorkeling activities in the clear waters and later a perfect sunset cruise before heading back to the resort to enjoy a wonderful seafood cuisine and the many epic theatrical shows available.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is making an effort to showcase the very best of facilities offered especially for women to come and not only experience the local touch but also to feel safe and bask in the luxury that is available in the country from unique spas for rejuvenation and beauty but also for health through the many world-class medical facilities available for all types of treatment.

Luxury and Women's Journey Thailand
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While these women friendly services and privileges are available exclusively in the month of August but women can sign up for the App on Women’s Journey Thailand for mobile services or visit the website conveniently listed here in the link below. Some services and privileges are available for women year round so registering and making use of the website and mobile application would be of great use when women plan to travel to Thailand.

For mobile apps, please go to the APP STORE or PLAY STORE and for the web application, please click on this link here to register and receive the welcome package meant only for you in August as well as to search for more privileges prior to your travels to Thailand for you to enjoy!


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