Ayutthaya Time Tunnel Experience

Ayutthaya Time Tunnel Experience

Ayutthaya Time Tunnel Experience

Step into the time tunnel and rediscover Ayutthaya circa 400+ years into the glorious past when it was a thriving empire during the reign of King Narai in the 16th century. A breath of new life is given to this ancient city and UNESCO World Heritage Center thanks to the current hot trending TV series “bùp-pay-săn-ní-wâat” which in Thai text is “บุพเพสันนิวาส” that was aired on week nights with a satire on a romance between two fated-lovers. The series was so popular that people were interested to experience what life must have been like in those historical days as portrayed by the handsome actors and beautiful actresses.

The people of Ayutthaya city were quick to catch on to the trend so when you now visit Ayutthaya, not only do you get to see the glorious sights but you would also get to dress much like the people of old who used to live in the city before it was destroyed and razed to the ground by the Khmer army.

Ayutthaya Time Tunnel Experience

Numerous stalls set up by enterprising vendors, provide colorful costumes of old Thai styles for both men and women. These colorful costumes are a stark contrast to the usual burnt brick red ruins and actually make striking photos for mementos.

Ayutthaya Time Tunnel Experience

One can rent these costumes for a mere THB200 a piece with no time limit just for the experience of dressing and experiencing old Siam in this historical place.

Ayutthaya Time Tunnel Experience

Popular places for some great photography includes the famous Wat Maha That which is the site of the iconic “Buddha in the tree” statue which also happens to be one of the most photographed images in the world. However, do remember that as it is a sacred statue, if you intend to take a photo with the statue, you will need to be lower than the height of the statue so this means you will have to kneel while taking the picture out of respect.

Ayutthaya Time Tunnel Experience

There are many sights to enjoy and be fascinated when you visit this ancient city, and while a fee of THB50 for entry is required for each site, it is still worth the ticket price as the place is well maintained with well-paved pathways, toilet facilities and rest areas for visitors.

Ayutthaya Time Tunnel Experience
Photo courtesy of SukiDragon

Aside from the ancient ruins of phrangs and monasteries, it also has the largest Reclining Buddha statue in the world. The Buddha statue is draped in yellow saffron robes during the Buddhist Lent period in an elaborate ceremony once a year.

Ayutthaya Time Tunnel Experience

You can move around from place to place in Ayutthaya easily by the little torpedo shaped tuk-tuks of which the design is unique to this historical city. One can inquire about the tuk-tuk tours from the hotels or travel companies in Ayutthaya or just rent them off the street when you get into the city.


Ayutthaya is a mere one and a half hour drive from Bangkok city and getting there is easy via a public minivan service, via public bus, by train or hire a private taxi and sometimes you can even hire a limo service with a knowledgeable driver cum guide.

Wat Maha That Map


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