Do you love a Mouse?

Do you love a Mouse?

Do you love a Mouse?

I do, especially if it is Mickey Mouse. This year, Mickey Mouse and Friends celebrate their 90th Anniversary at the King Power Building in Rangnam, Bangkok. Open on the ground floor of the building from the 2nd November 2018 to the 27th January 2019.

Do you love a Mouse?

Walt Disney fans will have a great time checking out some of the very limited edition merchandise, some of the interesting games, photo opportunities with Disney characters without having to go to Disney World far abroad and especially for November babies born until the year 2008 will have a chance to celebrate their birthdays with Mickey and Friends on the 18th of November at a very special birthday bash just for them!

Kids would love visiting this event as there are numerous interesting games and art sessions for them to play at plus a huge outdoor playground that they could run around in. Little fun hide and seek games with the Mickey and Minnie Mouse logos around the playground (there are 9 of the stickers that you would have to look for. You can see which stickers these are from the back of the booklet that you will receive when you register at the entrance) and some of them are very well hidden but you have to be very observant. NO, I am not going to tell you where they are, as that would spoil the fun!

Registration to the Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary exhibition and games is free. At the registration counter outside, you will receive a booklet with directions showing you the layout of the park and the various games and places plus the types of stickers you have to look for and a wrist band to indicate you have registered.

There are many huge Mickey Mouse and Friends statues that you can get some really cool pictures with while you are there and last but not least, make your way to the top of the foyer in the building via the long escalator next to Star Bucks Café. At the top of that floor you can see some really nice artworks of painted Mickeys done by visitors to the event.

All in, one would spend about two hours in this place but you might take longer if you are browsing the merchandise outlets of which there are three areas (two in the building which are small and a larger one outside in the event park). Marvel comic and Star Wars fans, you will also have something there for you to browse through!

Do you love a Mouse?

If you are driving, you can park in the multi-level car park within the building or you could easily get a taxi to take you there from anywhere in the city. While we are celebrating this wonderful 90th Anniversary, let us also pay our respects to the late Khun Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, owner of King Power who was killed in a tragic accident at the King Power Stadium in UK recently.


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