Watermill Resort home away from home holidays in Khaoyai

Watermill Resort home away from home holidays in Khaoyai

Most often many of the places we visit or stay while on holiday are commercialized and to some extent sterile. Few places exude a comfortable feeling of home where not only are the people and staff friendly or helpful but the owners open their doors to a personalized experience. One such resort is in the beautiful district of Pak Chong in Nakhon Ratchasima. Well known for the Khao Yai region of vineyards and national park it is the perfect location for time away from home for couples, families, groups or even a team building experience.

Watermill Resort sits on approximately a 2.5 acre of lush green gardens with about a little more than a dozen chalets ranging in different sizes but each with a beautiful view and large rooms complete with all amenities like comfortable King sized beds, window view seating, hot water showers, well arranged clothing cabinets to tuck all your travel things away, a refrigerator and off course air conditioning. Some of the chalet units can accommodate a family of up to eight or more complete with a complete morning breakfast which includes a main choice of either an American breakfast, congee or egg in the pan along with other items such as salads, sandwiches and more for each person and thus making it an economical option for those traveling with groups of family or friends.

While most of us live in the busy smog laden cities, Watermill Resort in Pak Chong is a wonderful place to take that much needed break and where guest and families can come and experience the best of nature, explore the Khaoyai region and sample interesting food and entertainment of this particular province.

The resort is within easy reach of Bangkok city and only a comfortable two hour ride from the city center. If you are not driving, transportation can be arranged from Bangkok to the resort with options to engage a vehicle rental service with or without driver to further explore the vineyards and many wonderful attractions in the area. The resort also provides a tuk-tuk service to the main road for a small fee where you can buy provisions at the well-stocked 7-11 or have meals at several popular eateries just next to the 7-11 and getting back to the resort is just a phone call away by the restaurant staff for the tuk-tuk to come and pick you up.

This beautiful and serene Watermill Resort gets its name from a refurbished traditional watermill used by farmers of old to carry water from streams to their fields. These wheels are no longer in use with farmers preferring the modern pump and pipes making these lovely works of human engineering obsolete. A beautiful clean stream with fish jumping in the cool waters run right by the resort and power this antique watermill. The calm sound of the churning of the wheel and water flowing along the stream is a wonderfully therapeutic experience for the senses. The cool stream is also a wonderful place for a dip or to play in with tire floats, as well as canoes to paddle around in. The adventurous can swing and launch themselves from the tire swing hooked to a tree or just chill out on the floating net raft.

The Watermill Resort also has a beautiful swimming pool where guests including children could spend hours playing or just enjoying a cool drink on a warm day. With ample garden space for walking around to enjoy the landscaped gardens that feature some very whimsical characters hung on trees or the streamside gazebos with piped music, it is one of those few places where you get a feel of nature and the sound of birds chirping to welcome you.

The proximity to the Khao Yai National Park means that the air is cleaner with an abundance of greenery and some very exotic plants, the sound of nature like wild birds and insects and do not forget the residential geese that waddle to the stream to play and swim with the fish.

Guests traveling with families will be happy to know that the children are well entertained with the many wonderful wooden swings placed all over the garden, a small children’s playground and bicycle rides, playing by the pool or at the stream with adult supervision (after all how often do we get to play in a cool clean stream nowadays?), romp and play or rent tents to try sleeping outdoors in a safe environment watching the stars at night. All healthy outdoor activities rather than encouraging them to face computers and electronic games all day.

Family tours and activates that can be enjoyed by all include trips to the national park which is only half an hour away for a chance to see wild elephants, explore the wildlife museum or to go on easy jungle hikes and if you are lucky to see wild hornbills, and learn about the flora and fauna of the national park. Also not too far from the Watermill Resort is the family fun Life Park where there are balloon rides, water parks, dry parks and activities or for those who enjoy a bout of picture taking and shopping, check out the Palio Khao Yai Village of the Primo Khao Yai where you can see real life Alpacas.

Those who love the cowboy life can visit the ChokChai Farm where the history of the Thai cowboy is well depicted and also the place for fresh beef steaks and dairy products. Wine lovers can visit the PB Valley Winery and GranMonte Winery for a Thai vineyard tour and wine sampling experience or visit the local evening market. Choices for attractions and activities are in abundance and all within easy reach of the Watermill Resort.

At the end of the day, you come home to a quiet comfortable private chalet where you can chill and sit on the veranda before calling it a night. The Watermill Resort comes as a highly recommended hotel in  Khao Yai and Pak Chong region for a blissful personalized experience that you can savor and a place that you would come back again and again just to get away from the rat race and busy life of living in a city with a true back to nature feel. This is a popular resort among locals and foreign tourists who make their way here to enjoy the ambiance of peacefulness and a more laid back holiday style.

Those interested to book a holiday here can visit the Watermill Resort website or contact them at the information listed below:

Khun Yuthaphong (NOOM)

Tel.: 080-809-9200

Khun Rosalin (Boom)

Tel: 080-809-9155

LINE ID: @watermill

E-mail: watermillresort@live.com


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