About me

About Me

“Traveling gets you out of the box you live in!” – Genevieve Pendrageon

At the 5 Hill tribes Village, Chiang Rai Province

We all live in a box, be it our minds, lifestyle, jobs or even routine. So, step into my world that is “out-of-the-box” and I have never looked back since. There are #no rules to #just travel and the only limitations are the excuses you make in your comfort zone.

Six years ago, I packed a suitcase bought a ticket to Thailand where I have never been before, hardly knew anyone and did not even know how to manage the language and the type of currency. To top it all off, I was told horror stories of people’s bad experiences and the media and movies were really no help at all. So what changed?

I decided that my life needed a change. Things were easy to take for granted back home, it was familiar territory. I wanted more. I craved adventure, to see things I have never seen, to meet new people, to really live. We have only one life but we were given 5 senses to experience as much of this world as we possibly could and that day, six years ago was the best decision I have ever made!

Now I travel so often that flying is like taking a bus, every destination opens a new world of wonder. I see smiles aplenty, curiosity in everything I try, taste and do. It feels like I am reborn each time I start a journey. Mind you, this is just in Thailand alone. I have frolicked with elephants, tried the most unusual food, learned new languages, adopted new customs, and tried a new way of life, most importantly, made new friends!

My adventures does not stop here, there is hardly a day I do not discover something new, or tried something different though I am still catching up to the language. My heart now lies in Thailand, behind each beautiful “wai” is a smile and a welcome. With 77 provinces for me to explore I have barely scratched the surface but you can read all about my adventures here in these pages.

While I have been to the common touristy places which are just as beautiful but I like to find new places that few tourist get to go and is frequented by the locals. Trust me, the local Thais know how to have fun and keep some of the most beautiful places to themselves unless you are willing to explore and be adventurous. I call these places my #Hidden Trails Thailand

I believe that the “real” Thailand or as the Thai people call it “Thainess”, is really in the way the locals live, play, eat and hang out when they have free time. These #Hidden Trails Thailand are where you get the authentic and undiluted Thailand as it should really be experienced.

So follow me on this wondrous journey into an amazing land of culture, religious beliefs, superstitions, unbelievable sights, unusual tastes and endless festivities. Welcome to an Amazing Thailand adventure tour of a lifetime!


Genevieve Pendrageon



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